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Hylomar Universal Blue

Hylomar Universal Blue


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Hylomar Universal Blue can be used to seal joint faces or threaded parts. It is effective for sealing metal to metal and plastic to plastic. Typical applications include water and oil pumps, instrument inspection covers, cylinder heads, oil sumps, intake manifolds, timing case covers, and as a coating for pre-formed gaskets. Hylomar Universal Blue is resistant to a wide range of fluids, including all industrial fuels, oils, water, brine, air, turbine and piston engine combustion products, water, water/glycol, methanol mixtures, petroleum, synthetic diester lubricating oils, gasoline, lubricating oils, gasoline, kerosene fluids and most fluorocarbon refrigerants.

Hylomar Universal Blue will never harden which offers benefits in assembly and disassembly. Hylomar does not cure as it offers an unlimited assembly time. This is particularly useful when assembling large components. When the component needs to be disassembled Hylomar allows the joint to be opened easily.

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