At Valco Consumer Products, our commitment to excellence resonates not just through our outstanding product line but also through the voices of our valued customers. The testimonials below offer a glimpse into the myriad ways our products have enhanced daily lives, addressing real needs with quality and reliability. We invite you to read through these genuine reflections and hope they illuminate why so many choose Valco as their trusted brand.

  • Mike Etter, Etter Motorsports

    I would like to thank you for your continued interest in Etter Motorsports. I fully understand your situation regarding “free” product sponsorship. When you have the best products on the market everyone who’s tried them doesn’t want to settle for less! I’m speaking from thirty years of experience in not only the racing business, but also thirty-two years as a Certified Automotive and Truck Technician.

    Last season when we switched over to your silicone sealer a lot of our headaches regarding inherent leaks and seepage disappeared and as far as removing the silicone, well, parts cleanup time was reduced by a good 30%.

    I attribute your products to helping us make seventy one “clean” passes down the quarter mile and within that winning the ST Thomas Dragway (London, Ontario Canada) Can-Am Nationals. I know it’s a bit late to let you know about that, but as I’ve signed the agreement, I am hooked on your products and will be placing an order in a couple of weeks.

  • Frederick Strater, Strater Motorsport Sales

    I found my first bottle of Magic Mix metal polish at a small distributor in Tuscola Il when purchasing some wipe off windshield marker for drag racing. I bought it from him til he went out of business. When i ran out I read the address on the bottle and purchased two cases (under bbadracng or strater motorsport sales) when we were still racing and used some and sold the rest. I was down to my last bottle so that's when I called in and made the last order. Magic Mix Metal polish is hands down the best and easiest to use. Believe me I have tried them all. Some of the other brands do a very good job but none are as easy to use and wipe off !!!!

  • Rick Levally, Tipp City Ohio

    I was introduced to your HV-350 back in 1994 when I was looking for an adhesive that would adhere a brass clip to an acrylic and metal ornament. The HV-350 did everything I wanted and more. It was amazing. I am writing to you now to let you know that I used that adhesive for many applications of the brass clip and a few other special applications. One that is truly amazing is the story of my 4-wheel drive truck.

    In the winter of 1994 we had a large snow fall on us in Somerset, KY. I got my 1986, 4-wheel drive S-10 out to go up town, but when I put it in 4-wheel drive it didn't work. After a little checking I found that the rubber diaphram that the vaccuum pulls on, to engage the front axle, had a tear in it about 1" long, therefore not allowing it to close. I called the local dealership and they told me it would be about three days before they could get one in. I decided to try something. I took the diaphram off of the truck and cleaned the rubber real good. I then put it in a vise and closed the vise to take the pressure off of the torn area. I then got my HV-350 out and applied it all across the tear. I left this sit in the vise all night. The next day I released the vise and the tear and the HV-350 all seemed to stay in tact. I reinstalled the diaphram on my truck and it worked just fine. I never bothered to order a new diaphram.

    Since then I have moved back to Tipp City, OH, but I stll have my little S-10 truck. On Tuesday, December 21, 2004 the radio talked about a major snow storm that we are going to get on Wednesday and Thursday. I decided I better make sure the snow blower is running and that the 4-wheel drive is working on the truck. I want you to know that 10 years and 150,000 miles later that HV-350 is still holding that rubber diaphram together and my 4-wheel drive works just fine.

    This product, HV-350, is truly amazing. Thanks again for such a great product.