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Copper Anti-Seize

Copper Anti-Seize


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Anti-Seize is a versatile, durable compound with outstanding anticorrosive, rust resistant, water repellent, and adhesive properties. Anti-seize prevents seizing and galling when applied to thread connections, even temperatures above 1800°F. Copper Anti-Seize features a brush top application. 

Copper Anti-Seize combines micro-sized copper flake and graphite particles in a non-melt grease base. It contains no lead, nickel or zinc, thus offering an environmentally safer alternative.  It permits dismantling after long periods of service saving time, maintenance cost and possible damage to expensive equipment.

Copper Anti-Seize should be used on pipe threads, oilfield equipment, nuts, bolts, studs, flanges, gaskets, screws, taps, drills, bushings, exhaust manifolds and much more.  Meets Military Specification MIL-A-907E.

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