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E-Z Mount CB Bracket

E-Z Mount CB Bracket


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Initially designed in 2007 for the JK Jeep Wrangler, the EZ Mount Bracket positions a CB Radio just above the rearview mirror. It utilizes the existing footman loop hardware, which is a small metal bracket to secure the windshield onto the hood when folded forward. A similar loop is present on the hood.

In 2009, Jeep altered the method of securing the hardtop to the windshield, incorporating the footman loop for this purpose as well. The EZ Mount CB bracket hardware underwent a modification to accommodate these changes. This modified version became the standard, ensuring compatibility with all JK model Jeeps from 2007 to 2014.

EZ Mount CB Radio highlights

  • Installation without drilling
  • Mounting application completely within 5-15 minutes
  • CB Radio is up and out of the way
  • Does not obstruct mirror
  • Mounted high, for clearer sound
  • Easy access location
  • High quality stainless steel
  • Compatible for both large and compact CB radios
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