Spray sleeve bearings with GelLube to keep them loose and rust-free.
Use GelLube on chains and sprockets to get maximum wear and non-binding.
Spray non-greaseable axles to stop squeaks and galling.
Spray GelLube in locks and hinges for rust protection and ease of use.
Spray extended hydraulic shafts to protect against rust and to stop old rust.
Spray trailer hitches, trailer balls, and pintle hooks for long wear and no galling.
Spray hand tools for rust proofing and to make adjustable wrenches and pliers work smoothly.
Use GelLube on air tools for trouble-free use. Even works in the air system.
Spray battery terminals to stop oxidation.
Use as a dielectric on light bulbs, extension cords, and trailer pigtails.
Spray glad-hand couplings to protect seals and make them easy to take apart.
Spray over-head door rollers, channels, chains and cables and screw drives.
Use like an anti-seize on lug nuts, three point hitches, and any place you would use anti-seize.